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Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi

A Memoir

by Shyam Dodge

An Amazon Kindle Bestseller

Starring: Shyam Dodge, incarnation of a Hindu god •†California Guru • former lifelong monk • and now failed divinity

Featuring: Patrick Bishop, Japanese American orphan • nineteen sixties psychedelic adventurer • traveling homeless monk • spiritual teacher • Ď80s Soap Opera Star of General Hospital fame • beloved father and husband, R.I.P.

Also Starring: Guruji, master of low calorie diets and sexual healing

And many more strange and fabulous characters in this shocking true story of an artistic counter-cultural family, beginning in Nazi Germany, WWII era Japan, the summer of love and ending in Northern India and a small backyard strung with Christmas lights in Hawaii USA

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Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sacred Stories from many Cultures

by Shyam Dodge

An Amazon Kindle Bestseller

From African tales about spirit and reincarnation, to Zen stories about acceptance, Sufi stories about Beauty, and Hindu folktales about monkeys who save the world through discovering their own innate divinity, this book seeks to inspire through the vehicle of Myth.

Itís Sweetened Condensed Milk.

The Milk of words has been refined and condensed into a sweet and rich medicine for the burning heart.† It is a stirring of honey into cream, reflecting the particular insight of a former life-long monk who has grown pragmatic and realistic in his approach to grief and sustained joy.

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Psychological Types of Manís Possible Evolution (A Memoir)

A Cure for Melancholy (Victorian Novel in Stories)

Something Sexual Happened in Uttar Pradesh (A novel)

Hip Hop Hafiz, Poems

A Manual for the Perception of Beauty